Valubets with only betinasia

Hi, I live in Italy. Since 2014 I maked many surebets for two years, but I was limited and bunned by all bookmakers (.It) like bet365, Williamhill, unibet, betclic, marathon, ecc ecc…
I 've created many familiar/friend 's accounts too, but every limited.
Now I’ve only 1 account with betinasia.
Does anyone make VALUEBETS with pro rebelbetting and only this broker? Is It possible to create a positive ROI?

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That is a question that has been asked frequently but so far no answer.

Is this lack of responses actually the answer then ?
Im in a similar position and when I asked, several months ago , nobody was forthcoming…I guess the answer is that you have to find more friends and family if you are to have a long term in value/sure betting.

There has been some answers… One common problem on BIA is that it is borderline impossible to get the bets down before the odds change. Most likely you are trying manually place bets before bots place them.

Exactly! Totrashbin…a 1-click bet placement might do the trick

If you manually need to initiate it then most likely you will be too late…

Check out the stats for BetInAsia (statistically significant):



Well that is all nice and good but it does not help to actually put down the bets before the odds change.

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Hi did you found an answer yet to your question?
I have been trying to bet on betinasia black for now with another value finding tool but for now i’m actually down (could still be bad variance).

I think the problem is this: “The odds presented by proficient bookmakers such as Pinnacle may initially appear inflated, owing to their proactive stance within the market—a market comprising the collective array of bookmakers and their respective odds. Over a brief interval, however, other bookmakers are likely to emulate this trend and subsequently adjust their odds accordingly.”
So you might think you have a value bet while in reality there is no value. Value is no exact science. I think the way to bet on them is by having your own internal odds that are better then the market. So you have to be a very good predictor yourself.

What is an exact science however is arbitrage. You probably could try to arb on bookmakers that don’t limit. But then you have to find enough arb opportunities for it to be worth it. Those markets are pretty efficient out of themselves.

Btw on exchanges you can put in limit orders and they don’t limit players. Say you think an event has 50% chance of happening. You could just put in orders for more then 2 odds. Then you should make money in theory. So maybe just putting in limit orders on exchanges can be an option? You could maybe even use pinnacle odds and compare them to betfair or orbitexchange. Then you just bid on many markets and see what orders get filled.

Also doesn’t rebelbetting compare with odds from pinnacle? How you can then trade on betinasia? Pinnacle is like one of the main brokers in betinasia black.
Don’t you then have to compare with the market as a whole?

How many bets are these? Because here it shows a flat to negative yield. SO it’s confusing it it works or not…