Value Bets going well since Tuesday

Hi Guys…
Ive noticed a whopping U turn since Tuesday----Ive pulled back my continual daily losses, and more! Hit a new ATH this morning. Tennis and , dare I ay it Basket have performed well for me…Im glad Ive persisted with Basket ( it has been a thorn in my side soince day 1) .

I just need to find a way to get Ice Hockey going in a profitable way ( any tips appreciated) as Ive temporarily disabled it, because it was sucking away my soccer profits.

Is it just me? ( hope not - for other users sake, because I know how it feels when Im continually losing and see posts of superstars making a whopping profit at this same time )

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Keep doing the same thing it’s gonna pay off.

Hmm I would double check the bookmaker specific rules for Ice Hockey bets, as sometimes they are graded on the ordinary time result (no OT), and some are the full match result (OT and penalty shootout included). This might be old news to you too, but it’s worth checking at least to make sure you aren’t betting regular time moneylines when the value is actually on the whole match result. Other than that, maybe increase your value threshold for Hockey to maybe 5-6%

thanx Tonyz!

raising BB to 4%/4hrs has helped in that regards.

so…re Ice hockey…Ill look at min 5% …any time frame?

Thank you for your time

yeah I mean it depends on the league too… like I have no issue betting 3% value on NHL lines because I know that market is more efficient than say the Swedish league, but if you’re mostly betting Euro stuff, then yeah raising the value threshold might help

yeah…there is a fair time difference between UK and USA, my sister in law lives in Portland (0r) …and its a big time difference! so Ill just bare in mind that NHL 3% and Euro leagues 5%