Value bets on pinnacle

In the comments I saw you can start with just 1 bookmaker. On another page I saw pinnacle is the number 1 you should have.

Since I have a pinnacle account I decided to start a subscription.

However, I have not yet seen any value bet appear for pinnacle. Is it because pinnacle will be seen as the baseline for the actual odds?

Pinnacle is very good. But I don’t think they are the best option for finding value bets. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Use a soft bookie instead. Bet365, unibet, Bwin

It’s super rare to find value bets in pinnacle. They are good for sure bets, but not for value bets. Like @Nifty said, it’s better to use soft bookmakers here.

Like how rare? Seems there are value bets all the time but profit margin is only a percent or so on average when compared to market as a whole.

Pinnacle is the number one bookmaker, that you must have, if you do sure betting since they will be the sharp bookmaker counter part.
For value bets you need a soft bookmaker.

You don’t need a sharp bookmaker counterpart for arbitrage. You can just do arbitrage between soft bookies. As long as the odds are different enough from each other so an arb opportunity does set up. In fact it usually even works better between softbookies since they are more likely to show wrong odds. All my most profitable arbs been between softs.

I stand corrected.
You are correct but if you want a decent amount of arb bets then it is advisable to have at least one sharp bookmaker.