Value bets over 7% gone from starter version?

Didn’t you guys promise that customers who subscribed prior to the Pro version release would have their unlimited value% grandfathered? Is this a bug or intended?


That’s correct. I see your purchase date is not calculated correctly because you downgraded to Starter, and got some extra days etc. Try log out and in again now. Send a DM if it doesn’t work and we’ll solve it.

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It worked, thank you!

When was Starter version limited to less than 7%? I’ve not seen a 7% value bet offered to me.

It’s always been limited to less than 7% since launch.
We made an exception if you were already a customer at launch.

What date did you ‘launch’ the starter and pro versions rather than a single offering? just interested really…


Dec 20. What you see is normal variance.