Value betting 1 year results (almost 10,000 bets)

Hey all,

Since I’m near 10,000 bets I thought I would share my results and experience with the software for anyone that is interested.

Firstly I’m from the UK I tried value betting on most bookies and mainly got limited after £200-1000 profit however bet365 I seem to make £7000+ before I get limited.



My setting are pretty standard:

Kelly: 30%

Max stake: 2%

min odds: 1.4%

max odds: 2.9%

value percentage: 3-20% (For me when I get to 400+% ROI I tend to change the value to 4%)

Time until match start: 24 hours

In my first 2000 bets I changed my settings a lot however for my last 8000 bets I’ve kept the same.


I started with £1000 and made £8900 total in 5 months (January to May), roughly £7000-7500 from bet365 until I got limited. Due to this I was not motivated and covid stopped a lot of sports so I was barely putting any bets on until end of July. I started again with £1000 on my friends bet365 account and was quite unlucky for the first 2 months however I am now at £3000 ish.

Maximising profit:

Firstly I have only used value betting pro so I cant compare it to the starter. I would suggest paying monthly until a deal comes on (I’m thinking for Christmas they may have one) then I would buy one years worth and if its your first month take advantage of the profit guarantee.

If you are going to follow my strategy I would highly suggest depositing at least £1000, for my next account I will be trying £1500 however a deposit too high could be a red flag to bet365.

Thanks for reading, please post below if you have any questions i will be happy to answer any. If any of this information helped you in any way please feel free to use my referral link:


Bet 365 blocked me too,after same profit…about 8-9k euros…now i use some other places to place bets…
What bookie do you use in UK?

roughly 8 months ago I did try a bunch with a deposit of £1000

This is roughly how much I made on each before I got banned:

Unibet £500 ish
10bet £500 ish
William hill £300 ish
Coral £100 ish

I highly suggest just using ur friends or family bet365, before you log into a new bet365 make sure change ip and delete ur cookies so you don’t get instantly limited again.

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Thanks mate, that is so nice and encouraging to see this kind of data.

Just out of curiosity, can you estimate the longest “negative variance” streak you experienced in number of bets ? Given the sample, this should help the newcomers to understand how harsh it can be sometimes :wink:

Keep up the good work !

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when you use a new account on bet365/wherever, and change IP, do you change the device you are betting on, too?
awesome results man!!

when y bet only on the better leagues y will keep your account longer and try to bet like 20 not 18 or 21 also can try to loose bets and recover on the exchange

I didn’t go on a loss streak at the start I was very lucky. I think the longest bad variance I had went for like 2-3 weeks I lost around 25% of my profit. I kept breaking even or slightly losing for them days.

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yeah all i did was change IP address and clear cookies, also never logged in the new bet365 account from my phone.

For the unknown leagues I looked at the game and if there wasn’t many types of markets I could bet on e.g. corners, goals, then I wouldn’t bet on it. Also I never rounded my bets.

The max stake to 2% (def value is 1.5) is important?

And another question.
During your process you increse capital with all your gain? or only a part of that?

I always kept my max stake at 2% and yeah I always increased my capital I never withdraw unless I get limited.

Thanks for sharing this such a great result. As an absolute beginner, this thread motivated me a lot :slight_smile:

Just one question. Sadly I don’t have 1000 bankroll. I have 200 Euro. Do you think I can profit from this money by following your path?

hi. why are you using pro version if your bets are heavily placed on b365?

Honestly most likely not since the average ROI per month is 30% so at 200 Euro every month you will make 60 Euros and the service costs more.

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The starter version you are limited to 7% value bets and lower. Maybe its more worth for me to not have 7%+ bets, I never really thought about it until you mentioned it.

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