Value betting bookie list - bets straight to events


I started with VB for about a week now and im currently stuck at 3 bookmakers (bwin, unibet and williamhill).

I am trying to find more bookmakers, where the program leads you straight to the right event. So you don’t have to search for the right match or event. On a computer it is not really a problem, but betting on a phone its a whole different story. Betting gets much harder when u have to search for the right event.

So perhaps it is a good idea to make some sort of list with preferred bookies where the program leads you straight to the right event (logged in on your account).

It might be a good idea to announce from what country you are from, because the bookies are not useable from all over the world.

I am from the Netherlands.

Let me kick of with the 3 bookies I use:

-Bwin: Program logs in automatic, finds the right event and opens in the betslip. Only have to put in the right amount of money per bet.

-Unibet: For me the program uses a different url to the website. I need added to the url list. If .eu is added. The program will log me in and find the right events for me.

-WilliamHill: Same problem as Unibet. I need a different URL so the program does not lead me to the old website, but to the new one. Now the odds are showed in fraction ( x/x ). I can easily convert the odds throught a different website, to check if the odds are right. Not very usefull if betting on a phone.

Thank you all for your help. With this topic i suppose we all help each other finding good bookies.

After all, I show u my results that i had the past week. The first 1-2 days it was completely fine, then I had a downswing. I noticed the events which took longer then 6 hours ( between 6 and 12 ), were mostly losses. I changed the settings so I only receive bets no longer then 6 hours. The rest of the settings are the original standard settings. After the downswing it went back up again, and now im in a nice profit. Eventually there will be a downswing again offcourse.

Hi, how do you use non licensed bookmakers from the netherlands’?