Value Betting from Australia

Hello Everyone,

This is Michael from Syd Australia, I am new to value betting, I have created the trial account and so far have put around 150 bets, and I have found a few questions:


1: I have selected 3 bookmakers available in Australia (Bet365, LadbrokersAU, TabAU), but all my bets are come from Bet365, is this normal?

2: I am just interested in how will you get banned? particular for Bet365? hit a certain amount of profit or they will ban you by putting too many bets per day?

3: I notice the betting exchange (such as Betfair) is only available for ValueBetting Pro, is it still worth it? if it is profitable, how much effect you will have to put in?

Much appreciated for the respond.

Hi Michael!

Adam from Melbourne here. I have been using the service for a month using predominately Bet365. I have put through 908 bets (approx 30/day) with a turnover of $102k and a profit of $3k with no restrictions so far.

I’ve recently signed up for the Pro and a handful of Betfair bets come through however they can be hard to match. Unibet is also an option for you but they are super quick to restrict and most of my bets with them are limited to $10 an under.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Adzapple,

Thank you so much for the info mate, update my result here:

You are absolutely right. Bet365 and Unibet are the only two soft bookmakers in Australia, and I get limited by Unibet very quickly as well… I guess it’s just tough to operate value betting in Australia then :joy: :joy:

One quick question, if I use my friend id to register another Unibet account, and use my IP address to bet, will they notice and limit the account straight away?


I could be wrong but I do think they can track by IP address. To overcome this I’ve had friends buy prepaid data SIMS and use 1 betting agency per sim on a cheap tablet. I don’t know if that’s worth the effort though.

Thanks for the info mate, I will look into it and share with you if I have found a better solution to this.

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They definitely track ip address in online poker for example, so I’am sure they do for betting as well

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Hi adzapple,

Is Bet365 the best one for Aust or have you found that there are others?

With Ladbrokes now but just testing for the month and don’t want to get limited from rookie mistakes.