Value Betting Pro - First Day

Hi! I’ve been researching value bets for a few weeks now and have practised a little with OddsJam. My profits however were very slow, so I’m coming to RebelBetting to try my luck. I’ve purchased the ValueBetting Pro, and I come from Australia, so it cost $280 AUD for the month. After my research, it seems, for Australians like myself, bet365 is the most, and somewhat only really, profitable bookmaker. So for now, my only bookmaker is bet365. I’m keen to upload weekly results here! Hopefully it goes well!

Please let me know if there’s anything here I should consider changing! Or if you’re from Australia, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Why pro with so small bankroll?

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Hmm, was that a bad mistake I made? I’m just trying it out for a month anyway, hopefully I don’t pay for that mistake!

Starter is much cheaper and includes bet365

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Ahh shit, I guess I’ll make sure to buy the starter after this month! Thanks

True, but you will also miss out on the highest value bets with Starter. Generally we recommend Pro, even if you don’t use sharps, if it is justified by your bankroll.