Value Betting Short shelf life?

Hi all. I’m 65bets or so in which of course is literally nothing, however the real concern is I’m already restricted to pennies on 2 bookies (32red, b365) using small stakes. At this rate I’ll be out of bookies by the time my 2 months for 1 ends even using my wife’s and brothers accounts.

How on earth are members getting away with large stakes long term?

start using exchange and bet brokers on value betting pro. about soft bookies is better to stick to popular events like top European leagues, MLB or NBA. using casino low risk offers can be helpful too

Hi thanks for the response, which brokers are available form the uk do you know? Popular events are hard to come by - the software seems to bring up esports and Asian betting on 3rd rate leagues though it is now off season

asian connect is available in uk. apparently there is some more but they all covering same sites like pinnacle , 188bet (singbet), 3et, betisn etc. u can use exchanges as well smarket betfair and matchbook. i know popular events are hard to follow but it is only way to keep ur soft bookie account open. another thing is to avoid place a lot of money on low odds events. basically when u use kelly u stake different amount of money on every event. that looks super suspicious for bookies. do not do it on soft one. just stick to the flat stake for few months no mater what odds