Value Betting - Under/Over and 1X2 bets

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to this game, having only used the software for about three weeks. That said, I am about £500 up which I suppose is pretty fair for a beginner.

I have noticed that all of my gains have come from AH. Over/Under and 1x2 are both on a negative. Have I just been unlucky (as these represent a much smaller share of my bets) or are they genuinely less profitable?

I’ve avoided betting on tennis as they are almost all 1X2 or win first set, which so far has done nothing but lose me money from my admittedly small sample sizes. As there is much more tennis mid-week than soccer (which has been the bulk of my bets) it would be great if I could figure out how to make it more profitable. But last time I tried taking some tennis bets I lost £100 in a day.

For today, I have placed a bunch more bets on tennis but with a much smaller stake, just to see what the win/loss outcome is like this time in order to build a slightly larger sample size.

At the very least, I’m sure it has much higher variance than AH soccer bets, but I’m unsure if it’s worth while. Looking for other peoples experiences or advice.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Like you say, your sample size is too small. I can almost guarantee after a few thousand bets they would be profitable. When I first started I looked at the specific market stats way too much, truth be told you just have to ignore it and trust the process. Now all I pay attention to is my profit and updating my current bankroll accordingly.

Also, don’t worry about losing £100 in one day, getting worked up over variance is a waste of time. Yesterday my profits peaked at £2.3k and were at £2.05k at their lowest (5 £40 bets lost in a row), looking at losing streaks wont do you any favours.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t particularly worked up about the £100 loss, but if the software was less able to predict the value of these bets then I wouldn’t want to keep throwing money at it :slight_smile:

I do have quite a few hundred over/under bets placed and still in the negative, but I of course that is still not enough for the law of averages to do it’s thing.

Just wanted to make sure it’s worth continuing to pursue these bets.