Value Betting with VPN

Hello Everyone,
I have one question regarding value betting using VPN.
Since it is holiday I left my country of residence for quite sometime and when I try using Bet365 with VPN, I always get stuck in an infinite loading page, either the first page after opening the website, or after logging in or after searching first bet. I get the loading screen and it gets stuck on it. I know the VPN works because if it is not used it shows me account not in the right country and also I can use other sites such as Unibet, Nordicbet and Mrgreen for Denamrk.
The usual VPN I use is Surfshark but I have also tries with ExpressVPN after reading some articles on the internet.
Another issue is that for Denmark there is only 1 location to connect the VPN.
Does anyone else encounter this problem?

Bet365 is about the only betting website that doesn’t work if you use VPN. But with bet365 you can multi account from the same IP address without issue - but obviously you wont be able to use bet365 if you’re not in a country that allows it.

You do this? How long did both accounts make and how much did you make before being gubbed

Yes I do but I’ve only got 2 accounts in total, my friends and account and my account. I use my own account for matches betting and I’m using my friends account for value betting. I’ve actually only just started on my friends account a few days ago. Both accounts not gubbed yet.

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