"Value disappeared" meaning

Sometimes, the red “value disappeared” sign appears while I am doing the bet…
This alert means the bookie is not offering the odd anymore or the odd is still there, but there is not value in the bet anymore?

Can be either one.


I was about the raise the same question. I came across with “value disappeared” message and seems a false alert sometime:

As you can see on above picture the bet was available after I received this message.

Is it possible the software recognizes disappeared values wrong? Are the developers know about this symptom?

The value can disappear if either the sharp or soft odds changes.

Hi Bjorn,

Based on my finding the value did not disappear but the system recognized it as a disappeared one by mistake. After I got the message the value (odds) was available at Bet365 and I could put stake on it comfortably. I didn’t even have to rush with it.

Could you check the reason behind, please? We may loose these values if the system removes it by mistake from the list of bets however they are still available at the bookmakers.

Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.

It means the underlying probability to win this bet changed and at 1.83 odds, this is not a value bet anymore.

The value can disappear even if the soft odds is unchanged.
In this case, the value disappeared at Bet365 because of the odds movement at a sharp bookmaker and we don’t consider this a value bet anymore.

If it says value disappeared - don’t bet on it, even if the soft odds have not changed.

Got it, thanks Bjorn!

The only problem if I place a bet sooner than the “Value disappear” message pops up. In this case I already placed a value bet which is not considered a value bet.

Is there any other way to indicate that I should cancel the bet if it is has been placed already and the match hasn’t started yet?

Placing value bets just before an odds change happens frequently, but I think the effects of it evens out with time. As long as we are consistently beating the closing line (which we are), you will profit in the long run.

I don’t think you can cancel a bet without paying some fee for it (like the “cash out” feature some bookmakers have on some bets). Better to let the bet be and take the 0% or slightly negative value in the long run imo, than always losing the percentage the bookmaker charges for a cash out.

For example, I just checked at Svenska Spel and they charge a 10% cash out fee for my open bets there :grimacing:.

Makes sense, thanks for your response. Bet365 allows me to cancel a bet IF the match hasn’t started yet and they don’t charge any fee. Most of the bookmakers do charge cancellation fee I guess.