Valuebet desktop program problem

I’m sorry for the problems I’ve written using translate first.
desktop program is really problematic I’ll show you with pictures.

here have different start times for the same match

I set the max ratio as 1.90.
the program persistently gives me over 1.90

I live in Istanbul and I could not solve the time problem of the program.
this time, the program gives me 30 minutes to start the match 1 and a half hours later.
I hope the web part of the notification feature in a short time and I get rid of this program.

settings I use

the downside is that no one really cared to solve these problems.
please wait we are trying to solve the problem all I hear is this sentence


Thanks for posting with screen shots. It helps when identifying problems.

Regarding the max odds (ratio) setting. This settings means that only value bets with true odds below this interval will be shown. The bookmaker with the value bet can have higher odds.

Lets say that the true odds in this case is 1.7. Bet365 in this case has 1.9. If BWin had 1.95 you would want to bet on that instead of Bet365. So the filter is for the true odds. I realise that this is not informed properly in the Windows version. We will address this.

Regarding your time zone issues. Please contact so we can take a closer look.

When will the notification feature come for the mobile web version?

Hi! We do not have a date just yet. But probably quite soon. We’ll of course notify you here on the Community when this feature is added. :grinning:

Did I get right ?
telling for windows. the actual value should be 1.90, while the bet365 2.10 odds you get the program offers me this bet?
this time another problem arises. The web version also does not come with these suggestions at all.
I got about 350 bets if I’m entering 1.90 max.
I’ve never seen 1,91 in any of them. Guess web and software proposes different bets

Thanks for reporting. We will take a look at this.