Valuebet help so dont get limit

Hello there to all rebelbetting people. I have an important question and need help if u can give me. I live in Greece and dont have much bookers to value bet. At the moment all i left from soft bookies are only 2 boookies. One of them is the bookie i usually play and my bets outside valuebetting. After my 20 first days with valuebetiing i see that the profit are very good so i’m rdy to go big with the program. So from 3-4 min bet now i will go to 15-20 which is my main bankroll. My question now is that i want to keep my main soft bookie from limit so id like somehow to change the bets only to that bookie to hat i used to play before and in other bookies playing the normal bet that valuebetting tell me to do. So i want to know how can i calculate the stake for this bookie so i can bet on him like i have 400 euro bankroll.