Valuebet Profit after 15.800 Bets

I startet valuebetting in Januar 2019, and I must say Iam more than happy with the result.

From Januar to June i Made 9387 Bets

From August to today I made 6447 Bets


Has anyone any experience with valuebet on betfair or any other bookie that have been good for you ?
Iam from Denmark and look to find more bookies where I dont get limited.

SBO has been my best sharp bookie so far.

How many account did you spent for betting that much on bet365?

2 accounts, last month i startet om a third account with them…

what are your settings ?

I also curious
I even got 1 account limited at day-2 (bet below 100 bets)

Please tell me,
Is it not a rule violation to have more than 1 account in a bookie?

Not if you use a friends or a family member account!