ValueBetting Feature requests

Let us know what you think about our value betting service. Please give suggestions of improvements and let us know if there are any cool features that you would like us to add!


i would like to be possible to make independent settings for different sports! like 2/3 pressetings!
like for soccer = x settings
then lets say basket = x settings
this in diferent tabs or someting! with the option to check results by sports also :wink:


I already sent via email that it would be useful if deleted bets would reappear if some of the conditions were changed.

Alternative solution could be manual removal of star that marks new/changed bet. So, bet appears, I decide not to bet and I remove the mark (star). Later in day bet is improved or odds are changed - star appears again. Now I can reevaluate, decide if it’s worth a bet under new conditions, remove it again or delete a bet.

What do you think about it?

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I would like to see number of pending bets in bet tracker.

Would it be possible to add some kind of bet alert when we are away from the computer? I’m not thinking when we are on the software on our home computer since that is already integrated with pop-up and sound.

Was thining like when running on VPN server either web version or the software. Because there we can run it 24/7, but we don’t have to sit there.

If we could link an alert to messenger, where we get notified to take a look when new bets are available according to our filters.

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Would it be possible to see overall profit/loss for each bookmaker also along with total profit/loss in bet tracker

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We’re working on a snooze functionality. First version will probably be a simple “snooze for x time” but the ability to add criterias such as higher odds etc would be nice.

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This is a great feature that we already have planned for the future. You can have different betting “profiles” with different options (filters, sports, bookmakers, markets etc). And easily switch between them.

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Push notifications on web and mobile (and other ways) is something we have planned.

Nr of pending bets and all kinds of statistics will arrive later this year.

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I would like to see the software tracking my bets, along with community stats, appreciate the XLS but would prefer to have the software self track.

More italian books, like eurobet sisal snai Lottomatica pls!

I would like to see the closing line for all of my bets. This would probably only be possible with some sort of web tracker, that sees what bets you’ve made and logs the final price from the sharpest bookmaker. That way I could see a true expected EV and it would allow me to do some really good analysis on what bets to take and when to take them. For example now i’ll take all football bets between 2-6 hours before kick off as long as the margin is 4.5% or higher. If I could see the closing line on these was still above 3%, then I would probably lower my requirements to 3.5%.

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Very soon (within 6 weeks) you will be able to track your bets with the windows software as well. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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A much improved bet tracker (log book) will soon be released. You can then log bets from web, mobile and windows.

Adding the closing line is a great idea, and is something that is planned for the future.

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Thanks for your suggestions! It is important for us to know what our customers want. Please also see this topic: What bookmakers are allowed from your country

Feel free to edit this wiki, and tell us which bookmakers you can currently use in your country. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good to me. That was the only real issue I had during the beta testing was the bet tracker. Adding the Pinn closing line would be great for seeing what edge you actually had.

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lately while being logged in to the valuebetting web client, I constantly get the message:

Incorrect username or password
Note that both username and password are case sensitive.

Note that I can log in ok and even place bets (though I feel like not all bets are coming thru because of this issue)

Why is this?

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Working on fixing this. Is purely visual, does not effect the list of odds.

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sorry but the weird thing is:

I get bets in the windows client that don’t show up on the web version. (yes I have the same settings on both)

also I notice that since the visual update the web version is working very very slow, almost not usable on my smartphone.

For example the log button doenst react in time and then my bet gets logged 4 or 5 times :slight_smile:

keep up the good work

Ok thanks for reporting. We’ll have this sorted soon. It might help if you only log in from one device at a time.

Can I be able to keep track of bet via my phone