Valuebetting on Sharps. What is the hook here?

Hi guys, been using Valuebetting for a few years on and off with good consistent results, but since more and more bookies close in austria (10bet, unibet,…) and i’m pretty much at the mercy of bet365 to keep this going so i wanted to take a look at long term solutions.

I know sharp bookies have lowers margins and it is generally more difficult to make profit from what i’ve read. So i just wanted to see what Value bets i would get if i put in a filter for it.

After a day or so i’ve seen quite a lot of value bets pop up in the 5%-10% range so i wanted to ask some more experienced users what the hook is here.

  • Are these not the correct value percentages? (since sharps are usually the metric for value)
  • Are these values harder to bet since sharps correct them too quickly?

When i searched the forums for VB on Sharps it mostly comes up that you get low percentage bets, but from what I see this is not the case. Because if these are the real numbers I’m looking more into setting up Sharp accounts and spending some time there and give it a try.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. On sharps there is a huge difference what bet pops up and what you manage to put down.
Besides on your screenshot it shows two events with slightly different markets.

Thank you :slight_smile: Oh ok, so the main problem is that you only get a fraction of the bets down in time. Because I kept the filter open fr-sa and the problem doesn’t seem to be the amount of value bets, because they pop up plenty.

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You can bet on sharps by feeding from rebel but you’ll have to be rapid and stake high(200-500$) to make the small edges worthwhile.

Another way you can go at it is by automation, harder to set up is definitely the way to go. Note that you can’t bet this bets on pinnacle because pinnacle is the bench mark here, you can hit other sharps with this approach though, try to read their t&c’s to see what they’ll do if you’re caught using a bot.

Another way is to use tipping services (hard to get the right odds but still doable if you follow the tight tipsters).

I’ll be transitioning to sharps soon and will update y’all on how it goes, the approach, strategy, service etc.

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Looking forward to updates from your experiences when you transition to sharps. But that’s already a ton of help.
Are there any Automation solutions or resources you can recommend? Would love to get some info on that.

Also is pinnacle used as a benchmark across every single valuebet on rebelbetting or are other sharps used sometimes?

Pinnacle is considered the benchmark but they are not perfect…
RB have hinted but not fully disclosed how they identify the value bets.

If you know what books are market leaders in their respective sports then you can use them as benchmarks, pinnacle for soccer, circa for college sports etc.

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And then for automation solutions, some offshores like cloudbet offer APIs to assist in automation i think.

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Thanks for the info and responses, appreciate the insights :slight_smile:

Would you know more specifically which bookmakers are strong in which sports? I guess this could even be on a league level? Like Bet365 is probably strong on lower level UK football? What assumptions could be made?

ON the other hand most of the bookies we use here are just buying the odds from odds provider and dont make any prices themselves

Not off my head, you will have to do some digging in forums and sites to get this information.

Do not bet on sharps. I lost 50% bankroll after 1500 bets. Minimum value of 3% and average of 5%.

Maybe i didnt give it enough time, but now i use only bet365 and i have recovered a fraction of that back after a few weeks.

My opinion but it will be eating ur money. the problem isnt even odds going too quick or not able to get stakes as i was able to. They just dont seem to be valuable picks in the slightest

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Thank you for sharing.
What bookmakers did you use?

Smarkets Betfair and Matchbook. I was above CLV on all books but lost 50% bankroll on these 3 books.

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Offering those “sharps” feels weird given the system is based on the sharp book(Pinnacle) movement, and those exchanges would often follow Pinnacle moves…

I month result.

Thank you for sharing but it is only 112 bets.

I mean you would like to get down much more size than that but for Smarkets valuebets there is only tiny amount of money available so it is not worth it. Probably if you get more size that is actually bad.

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