ValueBetting Pro compared to Starter - member results and ROI

ValueBetting has two different plans, Starter and Pro. (Comparison)

A common question we get is - how much better is ValueBetting Pro? Quite a bit it seems!

Here are member results from February and March 2021 (two full months), with users placing at least 500 bets per month.

Starter Average ROI: 42%  (median 27%)
Pro     Average ROI: 104% (median 62%)

More than twice the ROI! Congrats to those of you who have doubled your bankroll in two months. :money_mouth_face:

Would be interesting to know how much of that difference is made up of the +7% value bets and how much is sheer volume, as the PROs will (likely?) place more bets…?

Would be great to know the difference per 1.000 or 10.000 bets :wink:

Also for investment purposes i.e. if the ROI is higher pr. bet, there is no need to go for 50% when you can have 100% in two months :wink:

I just wish I could take advantage of most of the >7% bets I see with Pro. Unfortunately, I would say 75% of them are in markets Draftkings won’t let me bet on.

Admittedly, this isn’t any problem with Rebelbetting, but instead is a Draftkings problem. But it’s still disappointing.