ValueBetting Pro improvements released

We are making some improvements to ValueBetting Pro that will decrease variance and improve yield. Until then Pro users will only see value bets from Starter. We aim for release later today.

Users of ValueBetting Starter are not affected.


excellent news, the update is appreciated

Improvements are now live.

Great news, can we have more details about how these improvements were realized? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I feel the total number of bets is lower than before, also the ones I see from the Brokerages are less “easy to get”. That’s not fun of course, but it increases my trust into the bets. :smiley: I continue betting now with a lower kelly setting and see what happens.

I am interested to see how many bets I’ll be able to place on the Brokerages now.

Agreed, some more information about what is being changed would be nice. It is a system I trust my money in, I’d like to know what’s happening.

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We tightened our filters for what could be considered a “true odds” when detecting value bets. We now have higher requirements for very small niche markets.

So you’re right the number of value bets have decreased a bit, but the average yield over time will increase.

after a couple of days I can say that the number of bets for the sharps have reduced significantly. With the “old” Pro setting, I got 150 bets on BetInAsia and Sportmarket a day. Now, I have to fight to get 20. So the “double the amount of bets” is definitely no longer true. It is less than before with Pinnacle.
Considering the high price of Pro, it might not be possible to be profitable without a bankroll under 10k.

I am not a PRO sub but… consider this: around xmas and new year´s eve, the number of games slows down.
It is holiday´s time.
Try to see after it, maybe 3 to 7 of january.
(not defending the PRO, I am not a subber!)