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Hi all, I’ve been using Valuebetting Pro for about 4 weeks now, and have just passed 1350 bets with about 18% ROI so far, which I’m happy about. (I may post my results in Member Results section later). However, I have a few questions about how things work that I can’t find in the help section/manual or by looking through these community pages.

These are probably questions for the RB support team, but I thought if I post them here, then others may benefit from the answers too:

  1. If the value has disappeared (odds moved away) and “Remove” is pressed, will the bet reappear if the odds change back to meet the filter requirements of the value bet?

  2. When you press “Snooze” on a potential value bet, how long until it reappears on the Bets screen?

  3. If the odds change favorably, does the snoozed bet reappear earlier to take advantage of the increased value? (If not, it would be a good upgrade).

  4. Is there a way to export the data from the Tracker to analyze the results in more depth than the supplied “Your Report”?

I have a few more questions, but will start with these…

Thanks, Rhys

Thanks for the questions, Rhys. Feel free to ask us anything!

No. At the moment, it is removed permanently.

When clicking snooze, it will hide the bet until 6 hours before the match, then in 2-hour increments. It will appear again at least 15 minutes before the match start. You can always check the tooltips (hover over text or forms) for more information.

As of now, it won’t. It will only consider time. We are working on improving the snooze/hide function, so stay tuned. It will become smarter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, no, but we are working on adding this feature later on. However, you can download CSV files from the report sections, but they will be split up in each category.

Thanks For answering these questions for me Hanna.

As I’m approaching the 2000 bets mark, an issue I have found is that sometimes the value bet disappears from one bookie/broker before I can click through to it. However, it is still “live” at another and I am able to capture it at this alternate broker before it disappears too. However, the RB bet tracker software is limited in that it doesn’t seem to be able to have the ability to change the bookie/broker where the bet was placed.

This would be another good feature to add in future updates, as it would make closing out unsettled bets easier to trace. Especially like this morning when I had about 50 to manually settle in bet tracker!

Also, the bet tracker is really buggy and kept crashing whilst I was trying to complete this process (using google chrome).

For others reading this, I found about 50 bets that were unsettled for more than a day, and that after manually settling these bets in bet tracker it increased the accuracy of my cumulative profit and current bankroll. Consequently, it then helped the Kelly criterion allocate stake sizing more accurately.

Since then, I have also been settling bets manually shortly after each resulted game to try to keep the stake allocation more accurate :slight_smile:

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