Valuebetting results - 4000+ bets

I started using Valuebetting in late October '18, with $1000 bankroll, and have now done over 4000 bets by late March, averaging almost 30 per day (although mostly on weekends).

I am betting from Australia, so pretty much every foreign site is unavailable to me (without a broker at least) so i have been limited to using Bet365, Unibet (limited), TABau, Betfair and i have tried using a site (Sportsbet) that isn’t shown on VB by finding odds on similar sites.

I’m generally happy to take higher risk/variance so have been using Kelly between 30-40%, and max stake of 2.5 - 3%. I also have no limit on odds or value. This shows up in the graph with significant drops and spikes at times…

Also note i am using AUD, which is lower value than USD, GBP, EURO etc…

Type Amount %
Total Deposits/Witdrawals 1300.00 24.90%
Total in Play 0.00 0.00%
Total Bonuses 0.00 0.00%
Total Turnover 145256.38
Account Balance 1127.68 21.60%
Total Balance on Books 4093.38 78.40%
Total Bankroll 5221.06 100.00%
Profit/Loss 3921.06 75.10%
Yield 2.70%

Nice to see some more results. Thanks for posting.

What change did you make in your settings/strategy when the green ev curve changes slope significantly? Higher Kelly or deposit which increased the bankroll?

I think that’s mostly from just taking higher value bets, as i’ve been ignoring lower values recently as i’ve had less time on weekdays, and due to increasing bankroll. Generally i’ve been decreasing my Kelly (from the original default 50%) but it’s been pretty steady.

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Ok. Makes sense.

What Kelly % are you using now? I also started with 50% but felt happier with a lower Kelly to get less swings. I don’t mind betting a couple of more bets to get the same turnover.

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Great stuff signmon! Very encouraging to see a fellow Aussie getting good results. Hoping to follow in your footsteps in a couple months time

Why not be specific in your answers, some of us wanna follow your exact formula to get same result.

Even if you use the exact same settings you will not know which bets he place or not.