Valuebetting results after 3500+ bets

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my value betting journey with you all. Initially, I was skeptical about the results but after conducting some research, I found it to be an interesting topic. I discussed it with some classmates and we decided to make it our topic for a 2-year project, since we study math at the university.

Starting with a bankroll we all put together, we began our journey.

This is our first update after placing a total of 3731 bets.

Our starting bankroll was 400 euros, but we deposited some extra money after around 1000 bets, making our total amount deposited 800 euros. Our average stake is 6 euros, which is relatively low as we started with bets of 1 and 2 euros. Once we saw the strategy work, we changed our bet size to 1-1.5% of our bankroll, making our bets between 8 and 15 euros.

We use two bookmakers - Bet365 and Unibet, as these are the only two currently available in the Netherlands, along with rebel betting.

We’ve noticed some interesting stats on Bet365 and Unibet

Bet365: 2646 bets – 1425 euros profit

Unibet: 1085 bets – 265 euro loss.

We’re currently analyzing these results.

Our very first account got suspended after approximately 3650 bets, which was a bit disappointing. We opened a second account a few weeks later to continue, but that account got suspended after only 80 bets.

After taking a two-month break for some other school work, we’re now full-time on the project, starting today with a brand new account. Attached is a screenshot with our results thus far, and we’ll bring out all our paperwork and analysis once we finish the project.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, Pieter


Hey, it’s cool that you started this project with your buddies. Whenever I try to convince my friends to join me, they act like I’m speaking Chinese and don’t believe it’ll be profitable in the long run.

No worries about having limited bookie options in the Netherlands, bet365 is the best choice among them all. I’ve seen the same thing with Unibet - the value’s are good, but my overall profit is always way lower than when I bet with bet365 (Belgium).

If you’re gonna create a new account, just make sure to use 4G instead of connecting to the same wifi as your old account. And, always use incognito windows so they don’t catch on to your cookies and limit your new account super fast.

Oh, and check out Rebbelbetting’s new Discord server if you’re interested - here’s the link. It’d be nice to finally meet someone who speaks the same language and trade tips with them.