ValueBetting Web: Improved currency support & keyboard shortcuts

A new version of ValueBetting Web just released with among other things improvements to currency handling.

  • A few times per day, odds delivery was delayed a minute or two. This bug has now been fixed.
  • On desktop, you can now use keyboard shortcuts for all common tasks. Press shift and ? to view them.
  • Multi-currency support. You can have different currencies on the bookmakers, your cumulative profit and all other stats will be calculated correctly.
  • Known limitation: We use today’s exchange rate, not the historic one.
  • If you change your base currency, the cumulative profit is recalculated correctly.
  • You can now change the currency on already placed bets in the BetTracker. Go to Options / Setup, select your bookmaker and click Advanced.
  • You can now view your subscription and expiry date in Options / User.
  • First half markets are now easier to spot.

Thanx for the update! Much anticipated.
However, I changed the currency on affected bets, and it didnt add up correctly. And I dont mean small disparitys due to exchange rates, but rather SEK being counted as EUR in some instances.
Please help me sort this out.
I will mail a copy of this to support as well.

The statistics box in the BetTracker should now be correct for mixed currencies.

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