ValueBetting Web launched now!

ValueBetting web now live!

Enjoy value betting on the go, from anywhere, using your mobile. The brand new web version can be used on any platform, and works great on both your mobile and desktop computer. All major browsers are supported, with no need to install anything.


  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop computer
  • Bet on the go
  • No installation needed
  • Log bets with one click
  • Keep track of your profits in the new Bet Tracker

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Is the web betting considered a different product from the regular value betting software? Meaning will I have to pay extra for web betting if I already have the desktop value betting software?

@SteadyWins Please see below. We’ll take care of it for you.


HI, I am logged out from my windows version while using the web-version. Please allow some time to be friendly with the new web version. Also what will be the logout time if I am using the web version.

You cannot be logged in to two products with the same user (even if one is web and one is windows) . This is necessary to avoid abuse, so people can’t share their user with all their friends. I hope you understand.

Guys, I’m about to subscribe to a subscription, but the table is not clear to me as: Autosurf technology (what is it?), exchanges (what is it?)

The AutoSurf is a windows software only features that logs you in and often takes you directly to the bet slip, so you don’t have to spend time searching for the match. The web version of ValueBetting sometimes take you directly to the bet slip, but sometimes you will have to navigate and find the match yourself.

Exchanges are a particular kind of bookmaker that only offers betting against other customers, Betfair is the most famous. They are considered sharp bookmakers and not recommended for beginners in value betting.

What version are you most interested in?

how do I acces to the webversion?

Follow the link in the top message!

Do I have to buy this even if I have the old version

In the sign up page, it mentions “ As a special launch bonus, you’ll get free access to the bet settlement add-on during the summer!”

Does this mean bet settlement feature will be removed from the web version after summer (in a few months time)? Will it be removed even if I purchase the 1 year subscription?

I am more interested in the web version because I could also use it as a mobile, even if it would have been nice to have autosurf on this version too, I still think I will choose this version, so what exactly is the Automatic bet settlement? will you pay beyond the subscription?

It’s not much use to me until the exchanges are included - is that likely to happen any time soon? Or at all?

Read a few posts above @Skogskog :slight_smile:

Bet settlement is now in early access and free for all. It will be a paid addon after the summer, so you will have to pay a smaller sum to continue using it.

Yes, exchanges will be added. Probably this autumn.

I am in the process of testing the web version on my android phone, I do not see anywhere were there is an alerts settings, how do you get notified of new bets coming in?

No alerts in the early access version, but it’s planned. Both web, native (Windows/Mac) and native mobile alerts (on your lockscreen).

Does Unibet appear on the Web version? Because it hasn’t been any bets from them in the software subscription in a long time. If they are not accessible from the Web version when can we expect to see those valuebets from Unibet?

Unfortunately many bookmakers don’t appear in the web version. Unibet is one of them. In my tests 19 of the bookmakers are faulty and haven’t shown 1 bet in over 2 weeks. But I’m happy for the ones which appears :slight_smile: