Valuebettings and covid-19

Hello! As we all know, most European countries are in quarantine due to the covid-19 (including mine - Portugal), and currently there are no football leagues, hockey, basketball, nothing … and consequently there are no valuebets. Do you plan to do anything with our accounts? Extend the subscription 1 - 2 month for example? Suspending the account is not the best option because there are always some bets, few but always some.
Thanks and keep going!

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Yes, the situation is unfortunate. Some leagues and events have been cancelled, so there will be fewer odds to bet on. Though, you can always request to pause your account if you feel like you cannot get as many bets as you would like. If so, contact support.

From our terms:
“Customers may request a suspension of their subscription for a minimum of two weeks, and a maximum of three months. Customers may only suspend their subscription for a maximum of three times per 12 month period. The maximum suspension time is three months per 12 month period in total”

Also, I wish you all to stay safe and take care! :slight_smile:

Is there any possibility of new markets opening for the valuebetting software? Like horse/greyhound racing or esports or even table tennis :grin: Esports especially would be interesting. Or is it even suited for valuebetting at this point yet? On a sidenote even with this little action going, Betfair and Bet365 have treated me ok so far and have made some profit even after this months subscription price. Not going to stop, yet anyway.

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