VB Pro subscription

So far, in starter pack, I just place bets on the bookmakers I use. What’s different in Pro pack? I read about brokers but what about exchanges and sharps? What more do you do in Pro pack, other than just having more value bets?
I want to get the most out of the Pro pack.

Hi Thrasos, I recommend reading this article, below you will find a table with a comparison.

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Thraso min to kanis …den axizei ta lefta pou zitane…exei 2 meres pou ekana ego to pro kai merika apo ta matches pou sou stelloun den yparxoun…alla tosa ospou na ta pexeis allazoun ta odds ke einai xamilotera…Cusomer support xalia …Live chat me robot …Den eimai katholou eyxaristimenos

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I know the difference, I just want detailed description of each new feature

Ayto me to customer support isxyei… Tora to 8ema einai, xrhsimopoieis ta brokers kai ta ypoloipa pou leei? Epishs posa paixnidia mporeis na paixeis tora thn hmera? (Ektos apo ayta pou den yparxoun). Exo arketa account na ftiakso dthn bet apo allous, alla 8elo na ksero ti paixei me ta brokers, sharps kai exchanges pou lene.

Eno palia diafimizan oti mporouses na kaneis sign in stous logariasmous pou eixes meso rebel betting ke meta ekanes to bet ke se eperne aytomata sto event/market kai aplos ekanes confirm to bet …Tora aplos sou anoigei to website example bet365 kai meta prepei na kaneis search na vris to match ,meta search na vris tin agora kai stis mises periptoseis to poulaki petase …Ase ke ena 5 % ton super value toys oute ta evriska sto bet365…possibly bet 365 takes them out …Sou leo me 179 eyro ton mina den prokite na kanis etsi lefta na ta aposveseis ektos an pexeis agrio koumari me pollous logariasmous kai na kathese apo to proi mexri to vrady ke den eimai sigouros an kaneis profit…

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Oson afora toys brokers and sharop bookmakers afou i idia i rebel betting sou lei oti einai epikindyno kai exei kales pithanotites na se kerdizoun…

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@cisis1 and @Thrasos

Please write in English to benefit the whole community. By the way, just take a look at the FAQ and it’s explained in detail.


just now Herediano vs Cartagines …receive alert 11.7 % value to bet inder U(2) …Odds 3.00 …Already are 2.67 with Bet365 …so were is the value ??

to email mou einai cisis27a@gmail.com

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So basically, pro sub is mostly for more value bets? Because I think brokers can be really useful. Do you use them?

No because I never trusted them …Do you mean Asian Brokers…Definetely just putting my money online through a Broker I do not feel very safe…Unless you meet the broker in Person

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You both have questions that are answered in the FAQ, even ratings of brokers (some are verified and have been working for many years without problems). If you can’t find the answers to your questions in the FAQ, use the community search, I’m sure you’ll find the answer without any problems.

I would not feel safe if I had to meet the broker at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well we all trust the website to send the value bets, so I think brokers won’t be a problem.

How much do brokers charge fir their services?

Each broker has its terms and conditions published. Do you really think that someone will lead you by the hand? That’s not how life works.

There are 3 days now that I read odds here, I go on Bet365 for betting and quotes are changed…
In 3 days really a lot of bets lost in this way…