VB Pro User (2500 bets) results.


Nicely done!
And I can see that you had most of your profit from Betfair! That is unusual…

Profit on Smarkets and Betfair in this rough times, hats off to you mate. Hope you don’t mind sharing your settings, tips etc.

Nicely done!!.

Initial bankroll?? I’m on the fence with RB … I can put a 1K for my initial bank and don’t know if that can be sufficient to cover the monthly cost with natural variance.

Depends on your monthly volume. Your break even number is $229 (the cost of the Rebel subscription), and assuming a 3% average yield on all bets placed and a $1,000 starting bankroll, this means you need to place $7,633 in bets a month ($7,633 * 0.03 = $229), which is $254 wagered per day, or about 25% of your bankroll per day. Should be doable if you have 3-4 different sportsbook accounts


Numbers makes sense

I started with £1.5k 2 weeks ago, it’s going well so I don’t think you need a massive starting bank roll. I’m currently around £700 up with a Roi of 45%.

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