VB web what happened?

I don’t know what happened?!
I have used the VB desktop version for a few months, and I have not made such a big loss!

Hi! I’m sorry to hear that you had a rough start using the web version. Please note that 378 bets are not very much. The variance will have a big impact on a small sample size of bets. The value bets in the web version are the same as in the software, so there are no differences in terms of the value bets.

Starting with a downswing is not fun, but it can happen. Others have experiences this as well. But have faith in the process, as it’s all about making money long term. Over time you’ll align closer to your EV. See the graph from one of our other users:


When you used the software - did you log your bets using the excel log book? How many bets have you placed in total when value betting?