Vbet coverage or available clones at RB

Hello there,

Been using the software for a few weeks now, with very encouraging results. So shout out to the RB team :wink:

However, with great results come great accounts limitations. Although right now it seems I manage to get under the radar, I expect the inevitable to happen soon enough. Therefore I am looking for diversification options. In my country, we have quite some limitations on which website we can use. As a result, I don’t have so many options. Looking for clones, I saw Vbet has many clones, including some I can use in my country.

Was wondering therefore if there is any of the currently available bookmaker in the RB interface that is reflecting the Vbet odds. If yes, which one ? and if not, is there a plan to include Vbet in the future ? I have the impression it would be of great added value given the number of clones.

Many thanks !