2022 value bet amounts


Have anyone been betting on veikkaus alot in 2022? How many bets do you have? Even better, if someone from rebelbetting staff could give some statistics about the value bet amounts.

Eventually i will be limited on every other bookie. As a finn veikkaus will never limit my betting and i am wondering, if i could make decent return there with starter package and 10k+ bankroll.

I actually got limited on Veikkaus today. I thought they do not limit finnish bettors but it seems they do. Such a shame.

How did they limit you? I’ve heard that even if they limit your bet size to for example to 10€. You can still make that 10€ bet 5 or 10 times again.

I have a limit of around 40€. I’m still able to bet below that amount but not sure how long that’s going to last.

How much are you at profit? Have you tried to but that 40€ bet multiple times? Are you able to do that? Just wondering if it’s worth to invest my time there in a long run.

I haven’t tried betting 40€ again, but I think that the max stake varies from match to match. I have a great yield of 9.1% on Veikkaus and currently 700€ in profit there. I got limited on every soft bookie and moved on to bet exclusively on Veikkaus so the spike in activity there must’ve caught their attention and they bonked me with the limit-hammer right away. Sad times.

Well that sucks. Didnt think they would limit so fast :frowning:

Veikkaukselle limitit??? Älä viitti😩 seki on mahdollista…

Veikkaus has shared limits not personal.