Veikkaus negative value on Finnish leagues

A heads up for Finnish customers betting on Veikkaus.

They are very strong on Finnish leagues, so the value bets presented often decrease close to 0% CLV.

  • Finland: -3.5% flat yield, -0.1% CLV.
  • Outside of Finland: 1.7% flat yield, CLV 2.7%.

There are fewer than 9000 bets on Finnish leagues so it’s not 100% statistically significant, but the trend is clear. We cannot recommend betting on Finnish sports on Veikkaus.

We will consider removing these value bets altogether in an upcoming release, (possibly letting advanced users opt-out).


Is there more specific details on the sports and leagues? What sport/league are they that consist most of those?

Soccer lower level? Pinnacle offers below 100e limits to those would not be suprise if Veikkaus has edge there/

Breaking it down further is pretty useless with so few bets I’m afraid.

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