Very good product and I'm very satisfied


Great to hear that! Thanks for the kind words. :blush: It’s a nice looking profit graph you got there.

Pretty impressive number of bets, well done. You are the one who gave me a really good idea for not getting limited. I subscribed to three tipster sites who offer betting slips with more than 1 match, so the bookies can’t establish a pattern, even if I am on profit not just with RB, but two of the three tipster sites. Thanks for that!

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@Cavalera_Max Very impressive and gives hope for betting. Which bookmaker are you using?

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Cavalera that’s an impressive bet volume. Can you give any tips on not getting restricted as I found myself becoming minister after 2 or 3 bets of £10-25 value. I am in the UK, are you ?

Sorry I can’t help you. Each bookmaker has a different model on account limitations. Some Bookmakers are really unusable for this betting system

I’m glad I could help you

That’s cool thanks for replying anyway. I see that your average stake is 72 USD meaning u must be betting around $100. Thats considerably more than my £20 or so. Well done on keeping accounts open at those levels

Joker, this is interesting. Are you saying that u mix up your bets with tipster bets in order to avoid detection?

Sorry for the late response. Yes, that’s exactly what I do. I searched for some tipsters who offer not just single match “predictions”, but also bet slips. Another option is that if you have some friends who also bet, you can be the bookmaker for them and place their bet slips on your account. As soon as I have figure out, the most difficult part of using a value bet service is to avoid limitations and if the bookies can’t establish a pattern, you win. Of course using a VPN and incognito mode is a must for me. And nobody should ever use the betting applications.

Yes almost every AH and O/U is my stake 100USD. I also do Bookmaker to my friends on my account so my account is still not limited because my friends still lose (I do not wish them)

Hi Max,

Do you mind sharing what was your bankroll you started with to get a profit of $8593?

and with how many bookmakers?

Hi Hanna,

I’m a beginner, to get a profit of $9000 on valuebet, what is the suggested bankroll to start with?

You can see this article to get an idea of what you might expect.

Thanks for your reply. Can I increase my bankroll in the middle of the betting activity once I started to see the system is profitable?

1 For example I would first start with $1500,
2 Then after 500-1000 bets and if it working great,
3 I’ll top-up another $5000 to my bankroll +on top of the profit.

Is this way practical?

Yes this is the recommended way. Start small, with conservative max bet size (1.5% - 2.0%). When you have a decent profit, increase bankroll and possibly bet size to 2%.

You should then constantly increase your bankroll, compounding profits are powerful!

Are there any theories behind betting on Handicaps vs O/U?

BETTER To filter out all bets
soccer Hand /o/u/draw no bet
basketball …

That makes good sense thanks for that.

Which sites did you subscribe to?