Very Old Pending Bets

I currently have 27 pending bets that are weeks old.
How do i get the server to read the results so my P/L is correct?

check them from google and you can mark the result in tracker on your own

True but that is a right pain in the backside lol
Cheers anyway

yeah I know. It’s not optimal solution but…

The real pain is not knowing whether the bet was voided due to postponement or cancellation. I have a few like this, not quite 27 though! They’re probably all voided but in it won’t make a huge difference to the overall results in amongst 1000’s of other bets

Hello, just search it on sofa score

You can settle based on their grading

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That still doesn’t guarantee the correct outcome. If a game is postponed, delayed or a player retires. Bet365 has different rules for settlement of retired matches based on how ‘top tier’ a tennis match is. I also had a bet one time that showed as a winner but settled as a loser because the pitch was stormed 60 minutes in, the game delayed until the following day and finished behind closed doors.
The point is since the service used to record the results on Rebel doesn’t coime from each bookie theres no way of knowing how they settled the bets unless you can find the bet in your account.

In events like this, You’re supposed to read t&c regarding bet settlement of bookmakers you bet on then apply sofascores grading according to this t&c to settle your bet.