VPN Bet365 (tried NordVPN)

Has any1 had succes with using a VPN for Bet365?

I tried NordVPN with two different dedicated IP-adresses but no success.

Windscribe is the one for 365

With the general or residential IP option?

I just use the general with no issues, no limits to how many devices either.

Tried general right now but it doesn’t work for me.

Are you UK/ If so try connecting to London Crumpets

I am in the Netherlands. But indeed one of the 4 seems to work. Thanks. Will probably buy a datacenter for static IP with windscribe.

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Let me know how it works out please, I am considering the same.

On another note, did rebelbetting remove other payment methodes? Since I got limited last week my subscription ran out and can’t seem to find non credit card renewal options.

Windscribe didn’t work for me - although i didn’t try a residence IP. Any other suggestions?

Try, urban vpn, or cyber ghost

Now I am even trying with a new virtual private server that i bought - i always just get the loading circle of death

And any luck with the VPS?