Web and mobile versions have different bets?

The normally populous Web version seems to have become very quiet. The mobile version has four times as many value bets listed right now, for example. Same settings. Has something changed?

Web and mobile are the same. It’s NOT different in any way. You connect to the same system. Make sure that you for some reason don’t have different settings in your mobile and your web. Go through each options page and verify.

I think what’s happening is that in my mobile the bets aren’t disappearing from my list as quickly as in the Web version. This leads to a lot of clicking through to bets that no longer exist. It also means the list looks huge. Could that be true? I’ve also noticed a total lack of value bets coming through for Smarkets. Down to a couple a day today and yesterday, when they were previously in the dozens. Has something happened there?

I have exactly the same settings in both and I dont see the same bets on either platform, in fact I have yet to see the same bet on both? I agree with Mr. bojangly, the new web version bets are not disappearing as quickly as the software version, when you click on the team the line has already changed.

so are there any problems with delaying the display of bets? this would be really annoying, can you confirm this? in this case I would use the software to avoid errors and wasted time.

They change odds within seconds of each other. But there seems to be an error that happens occasionally where the web is slow to update. We will deploy a possible fix tomorrow.

I am noticing that there are bets that don’t even appear on the desktop version. I believe the reasoning for this is that there is a lag on the desktop updating, so when the software goes out and checks for bets again they have already disappeared as the odds have changed. I base this on the fact that when I check for the bets on the web version, and then commit to the bet the line odds or the Asian Handicap has changed. I have come across this a lot. I have to say I love the bet tracker, but I hate the fat that the web version will not log into the bookmakers and find the specific bet, this process takes so long. Do you think you can incorporate the tracker from the web version into the desktop version, that would make me really happy? Thank you Rebelbetting team for your efforts, they are much appreciated even though it seems like your getting lots of complaints!

acfuk, I’m about to start my journey here, and I wanted to opt for the web version but I’m noticing these problems with delays in viewing bets, what do you recommend the software or the web version? do the problems of the web version come from mobile or desktop? or from both?

Honestly, I am using both. I love the web version bet tracker and hope that the web version will get the desktop attributes. The Rebelbetting team are great so I am sure all will be sorted out very soon!

thanks for the feedback, one last question, but the problems of the web version do you have both from mobile and from desktop?

Yes, I am using both. Good luck Luigi, Value Betting is great, don’t miss out just because theirs is a few kinks that need ironing out!

Yes, this is planned.

Regarding lag on win client, please take a screenshot next time and email support so we can investigate. Thanks.