Web VB error - reoccurring bets

I few minutes ago all the bets I have either logged or rejected this morning appeared again in web VB. It was only after I put a couple of thee bets on that I thought the bets looked familiar, so I checked my bet log, and sure enough I had already put the bets on. I have not changed any of the ‘hide odds’ settings. They are as recommended. How can I get rid of the duplicate bet suggestions?

same thing happened to me 1 - 3 days ago

Did it resolve itself or did you have to do anything to sort it out?

Sorry for the inconvenience! This is a temporary issue caused by a recent change in our systems.
So, unfortunately some of the bets you’ve already bet on might appear again as new in the bet list. Please double check your logged bets before you bet today.

Hopefully this won’t happen again!