Web Version needs to be much better

Hi Simon. Excuse my language but the web program is crap and not developed yet. But can be good with work.

I have paid until July 2024 and it feels like you have broken the agreement.

There are so many flaws in the web program that I don’t know where to start. I have no problem and pay double only if I get 6.3 rebel betting back. I also have lots of tips to make the web version better.

You can start by moving the information popup window when you press on the arbs to the right from the left so it doesn’t hide new arbs while it’s up. So you cant see new arbs when it is up.

Everything with the web version takes longer time. It is for hobby players who will be limited after a few bets. Sorry for these words but you make an ok product into a lousy one.

I have now spoken to Rebelbetting. After our conversation, I am satisfied that many improvements are underway. I want to thank Björn at Rebelbetting who took the time to talk to me. The reason I have complained is because the 6.3 version was a fantastic product and we hope that with the promised improvements the web version will be the same.

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I dont know if it is there the proper place to ask, but it would be great to have a dark mode.