Weekly updates of my experience with Rebelbetting

Hello everyone.

I am a new user of Rebelbetting. I signed up on 12/21/2022, at the moment I bought 2 months subscription, Starter.

I don’t think I will switch to the Pro version in the future, because even if there are many advantages, there is no point in increasing the bankroll to €5000, increasing the bets and finding all the accounts limited after a week with €220 of subscription to pay.

In my opinion, one should mainly think about keeping game accounts healthy.

I started out with a bankroll of €1,000 and am currently in the black by about €500, ups and downs. Every week I will post my results and stats.

NEGATIVE (-€237)

UPDATE OF 16/01/2023

How do you keep the game accounts healthy? IMHO you should maximise the profit you can extract in shortest possible time…

Hi, what do you mean “you should maximize profit”? So, to keep my accounts “healthy” I do these simple things:

  1. I don’t bet more than €25;
  2. I play 5/10€ on slots on the account where I’m winning a lot;
  3. I try to split the bets (if too high) on the clone sites;
  4. I use as many bookmakers as possible;
  5. Every now and then I delete all my browsing data (coockies, history, etc…);
  6. Game round amounts: 5/10/15 and so on; 7. When there are exploitable promotions, I join them;
  7. I place a maximum of 2 bets a week on Serie A etc…

These seems to be all good practices although I am not sure it’s really that simple anymore, I’ve seen people on here getting limited on accounts eventhough they where no making any profit, even losing a few hundred €.

So my theory is that the bookies have a algoritm that scans for all the bets you place and when they see you are 95% placing value bets they will restrict you with or without making any profit.

That is the only logical explenation why people are getting restricted eventhough they are in a loss.


Finally it seems that the situation is changing for the better. After a two-week downturn, I’m finally making a comeback.


UPDATE OF 23/01/2023


I mean that the longevity of an account in time is of less importance for me compared to the amount of profit that I can extract.
So I rather take 10k profit in two months instead of in three months.
I do not do any of your things on your list, besides the rounding due to practical reasons, and it works just fine.

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This is my current situation. I’m back to being positive. I understood that to earn at least 15k€ I have to increase the amount of my bets and decrease the Flatpoits.

I was afraid to increase the amount of bets for fear that they would limit me, but I realized that sooner or later they limit you and it is better to be limited after making a lot of money.

I’d like to switch to the PRO plan to earn more, because getting to at least €30k, the problem is that the subscription is too expensive now.

POSITIVE (+300€)

UPDATE OF 30/01/2023