Weekly updates of my experience with Rebelbetting

Hello everyone.

I am a new user of Rebelbetting. I signed up on 12/21/2022, at the moment I bought 2 months subscription, Starter.

I don’t think I will switch to the Pro version in the future, because even if there are many advantages, there is no point in increasing the bankroll to €5000, increasing the bets and finding all the accounts limited after a week with €220 of subscription to pay.

In my opinion, one should mainly think about keeping game accounts healthy.

I started out with a bankroll of €1,000 and am currently in the black by about €500, ups and downs. Every week I will post my results and stats.

NEGATIVE (-€237)

UPDATE OF 16/01/2023

How do you keep the game accounts healthy? IMHO you should maximise the profit you can extract in shortest possible time…

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Hi, what do you mean “you should maximize profit”? So, to keep my accounts “healthy” I do these simple things:

  1. I don’t bet more than €25;
  2. I play 5/10€ on slots on the account where I’m winning a lot;
  3. I try to split the bets (if too high) on the clone sites;
  4. I use as many bookmakers as possible;
  5. Every now and then I delete all my browsing data (coockies, history, etc…);
  6. Game round amounts: 5/10/15 and so on; 7. When there are exploitable promotions, I join them;
  7. I place a maximum of 2 bets a week on Serie A etc…

These seems to be all good practices although I am not sure it’s really that simple anymore, I’ve seen people on here getting limited on accounts eventhough they where no making any profit, even losing a few hundred €.

So my theory is that the bookies have a algoritm that scans for all the bets you place and when they see you are 95% placing value bets they will restrict you with or without making any profit.

That is the only logical explenation why people are getting restricted eventhough they are in a loss.


Finally it seems that the situation is changing for the better. After a two-week downturn, I’m finally making a comeback.


UPDATE OF 23/01/2023


I mean that the longevity of an account in time is of less importance for me compared to the amount of profit that I can extract.
So I rather take 10k profit in two months instead of in three months.
I do not do any of your things on your list, besides the rounding due to practical reasons, and it works just fine.

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This is my current situation. I’m back to being positive. I understood that to earn at least 15k€ I have to increase the amount of my bets and decrease the Flatpoits.

I was afraid to increase the amount of bets for fear that they would limit me, but I realized that sooner or later they limit you and it is better to be limited after making a lot of money.

I’d like to switch to the PRO plan to earn more, because getting to at least €30k, the problem is that the subscription is too expensive now.

POSITIVE (+300€)

UPDATE OF 30/01/2023


Here is the update of the week.
I understand that value bets are a limited time “investment”. This is due to the fact that sooner or later you will be limited by the Bookmakers. So I decided to increase my bankroll to €3500, this implies that the bets will be even higher (kelly at 1.5%).

POSITIVE (≈ +700€)

UPDATE OF 06/02/2023

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Nice going, Are you betting using recommended stettings and on absolutely every sport and every market?

I wish you continuing success!

Hi, yes. This are my settings:

I don’t bet on threeways

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:vulcan_salute: Great stuff…keep it up!

Hi, everyone. This is my last week with Rebelbetting. I’m really sorry to leave this service, but subscription is too expensive for me.

UPDATE OF 14/02/2023


Hi everyone, my experience with Rebelbetting in 2023, starting 1 Feb - end 02 May, ended with a profit of around €10k (which is actually a little more than €3k). The real profit was made from 05-March to 02-May, when I decided to change my settings and try something crazier. So I started betting like crazy for weeks, trying to make as many bets as possible, despite the Kelly rule.

I started with a real capital of €2k, but I set a current bankroll of €5k, to be able to make more bets and play larger amounts. My experience ended when I decided to raise the stakes to €100 in order to reach €30k, but they sadly limited me.

I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to reach the 20k threshold, without being limited first. Do you know a way? Or do you have any advice for me?