What about the arbitrage product

I have been scrolling through the forum for a couple of days now. Why is there not much talked about the arbitrage platform and users making their profits with arbitrage. 99% of all recent posts is all about valuebetting.

But in my opinion the arbitrage software is a strong product as well. but only needs a way larger start bankroll if you want some decent profits.

I am playing around with the free trial. of course the available arbs are not that high… only up to 2% or something like that. So that’s not the perfect way to test out.

But I would think if you have a start bank of €1000 divided over 2-3 softs and for example betinasia where you have acces to sharps and the betfair exchange it could be profitable in some way. If you take €50 or €75 bets with 3-4% arbs you can make a couple euro on every arb. Doing that 10-15 times a day would also give a nice return… in my opinion of course… or am I missing something here?

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Yes you are missing that different bookies have sometimes different settlement rules (ice-hockey on B365 as an example). The stress when you must place two or three consecutive bets and all bets have to be accepted with the right amount (oh no… Betfair only took half of the bet…) and right odds (oh no… the odds have changed… “Do you accept the new odds?”).
On top of that you must maintain and re-balance several bookies.
Additionally (I do not want to write finally… I am sure readers of the forum can come up with some more issues with Arb betting) bookies tend to limit Arb bettors quite fast (I was limited on Bethard after two bets).

Note: I started with Arb betting. Within a few weeks I had moved to Value betting and I have never looked back. Actually I am quite sure that you can do Arb betting with the VB product. Check, and you will see that you can lay the VB on an exchange or on Pinnacle.
Is it really worthwhile for you to maintain two separate products? Suggestion: Merge the two products and have them available for Pro subscribers. I think over time 90% of users will stick to VB.

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that was exactly what I was thinking as well. I personally love both ways of sports betting. As well value as arbitrage betting. But as you mentioned arbing is much more work and stress to get your bets placed. So my main would also be value betting but doing some arbs in between would be fun as well.

But like you say it would be huge if 2 products would be merged. That for example a value bet pops up it also instantly pops up an arb that you can lay on an exchange


I think the biggest factor here is that there are loads of strategies you can apply to value betting, which makes it very interesting to discuss, that just doesn’t apply to sure betting.

Basically, if you have decent bankroll management when sure betting, you don’t have to think about much else to start sure betting. No Kelly, expected value, variance, odds-ranges etc that you can tweak really. Does that make sense?