What after Unibet?

Got limited from Unibet in 6 days. What booker to add? Most of my bets right now goes to Bet365 and Unibet was second.

Depends on your country…

Finland. I have had problems with 1xBet and i´m limited at Marathonbet also.

I got limited quite fast on Unibet as well. But it still was not too bad. There were many VB and I still bet the lower amount and it became a 150-250€ profit/month. Eventually it got severely limited and I stopped betting with Unibet.

Has anyone got any long term data on unibet that they can share if one was to just use unibet only and also please assume for simulation our that this unibet account I use will “never” be restricted

I understand generally speaking that over the long term bet365 “typically” is your best bookie… how does unibet rate compare to bet365? Are they in the top 3?