What are the best settings?

I’ve started my free trial because I wanted to test before buying the pro version. But I’ve got a problem with my filter I think. The closing edges are lower than the edges I get notifications from. So my question is what settings are you using? Maybe we could start a discussion for everyone to share their filters.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m about 3 years in and I’ve mostly used default settings. The only thing I’ve moved around a fair amount is my Min Value Percentage. I like a smoother ride and a higher min really does help with that, but you give up bet volume so when I want profit but how much profit doesn’t matter as much I usually stay at a 4.0. Right now, I’m wanting to increase my bet volume so I’m at 3.0 instead.

Hi, I’ve not joined up yet on the free trial, [ International Break]. But this is a concern for me before starting, the settings.

It is good to understand these before I join.

Is this not in detail when you join?