What are your Ups and Downs in Rebelbetting

Let’s make a simple thread about our ups and setbacks using this software. Tell us what to avoid and what not to avoid from your experience. If you have a huge moneymaking progress tell us your experience and let us learn, if you also have a loss streak tell us, so we can tell you what to test. We should talk about both Surebets and Valuebets

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I don’t know if it is but it certainly sounds like a first for topics on sure betting. I was getting to think I was a loner here.
I don’t think I am doing fine with this software. I notice lag and inaccuracies in stated odds provision by listed bookies in the prompt. Also, a lot of Nigerian bookies do not provide Asian handicaps. These things and a lot more impact on me beyond imaginary heights.


This is thread is actually very important for me as am planning to subscribe to the software.
Am currently make serious survey to know all the Gray areas and the cons.just taking my time to validate all the positives

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I am in #Biafraland presently occupied by the nigeria state,

I wish there will be a means to add ALL the bookmakers that accept naira,

This will help us find good arbs for now pending the time we return to the Great #Biafra currency.

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