What does U 2.25 mean on Bet365

HI, trying to find the market on Bet365 for under / over (e.g. U2.25), i can only find the normal U2.5. any ideas what i need to bet on when the bet value bet is U2.25.

As I understand it, that’s an Asian Handicap. They’re easy to find on most bookies but for some reason Bet365 make it very hard!

If you go to the Asian line there is an alternative goal-line option. You can see the Asian goal line there.

On Bet365 it shows the U2.25 handicap as “U 2, 2.5”.

That’s unfortunate, but yeah, they can be hard to find. Also sometimes a bookmaker changes the limit/line instead of changing the odds. So this may also be one reason why it’s hard to find the specific market.

We’ve written an article about different bet types and their meaning here. Make sure to check it out!