What is happening

Last 1 month I made over 1k trades and lost 2/3 of my bankroll? everything is losing soccer basketball esports tennis . My settings 2-99 value 1.4-2.7odds 1.5max and 24hours to start . Is anyone else have this terrible luck or what is going on

I had a rough June and start to July as well, lost about 700£ from my ATH. Just variance, keep plugging away. What’s your CLV?

my clv is 4.19%

That’s a pretty reasonable CLV, higher than mine. Perhaps increase the minimum value to 4.5, and reduce Kelly? Like me, you put in more volume than the average user, so theoretically should have improved on the monthly median ROI. It is what it is, 1k bets is not that much in the grand scheme of things when number gods are involved. Stick at it.

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Could have been a more fun month. I had a lull when I took a rest and had a change of accounts. Also a bunch of high-stakes-bets matured unfavorably. It happens. Still profitable considering only two weeks active betting in the month.

my looks like this everyday i wake up with smaller and smaller bankroll :smiley:

Your drop at 19th of June coincides with my drop at 19th of June.

similar story for me at this time …Id lose a 2 horse race , even if I backed both, because BOTH would fall :slight_smile: