What should my max bet be and should I lower my bet size dependant on my bank roll?

Hi all. This is my first post, only joined less than a month ago. And let me say so far its going brilliant!

Ive got two questions to ask really:

  • So currently Im up 1.5k and my bankroll sits at 2.5k so I am doing £25 bets (1% of my current bankroll. Whenever i go up £500 i update my bank roll. So i started off with £10 - initial £1000 bank roll, then £15 - £1500 current bank roll, £20 - £2000 current bank roll, and now £25 - £2500 current bankroll. So my question is. Is there a limit i should be betting really on bookies websites like bet365? So say I eventually got to a £10,000 bank roll, should I be betting £100 per bet with the strategy im using, or will I get limited quickly due to my bet size? Should i stick to maybe £50 per bet and not bet more than that ever to avoid being limited/stake restricted?

  • My other question is due to variance. Im on an upwards trend at the moment, but obviously I will hit a downwards trend due to variance. So currently I sit at £2500 bank roll with £25 bets (1% of current bank roll) Say I have a downswing to go back to a £2000 bank roll. Should I update my current bank roll and go back to £20 bets instead of £25 bets that im currently doing? This is the bit thats confusing me.

Attached a screenshot of where im currently at! Thanks, loving the service so far!

Here is a screenshot of my report

And here is a screenshot of my settings

Welcome jbradley112.
Your staking size will not matter in regards to becoming limited (unless you stake at a lower level than the limit would impose).
Rebelbetting have a great support (lol, i can’t actually find it right now) page in regards to bankroll management and staking. I do not update the BR too frequently in regards to the up- and down-swings.

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Interested to know why you say staking size won’t matter in regards to being limited? Seems like it would make a big difference.

I stand with @totrashbin01. I got limited in bet365 in just two weeks and my stakes was only from 10-15€. I quess it’s mostly about how you bet. If it seems that you can’t be just a gambler who makes bets just randomly, they will notice you. After they follow your activities and they find out that you are making money, they don’t take risk. They just limit you.

So, I think that only way to avoid their eyes would be that first month you play casino games as well and place bets just few. After they categorize you “just a gambler” you can do what you want some time before they look at you again.

You should definitely ‘prime’ accounts for a while. It is well known that new accounts are scrutinised more by bookies. I would take bad sports bets rather than casino though, the sports trading teams are usually seperate.