What times of day are best for value betting?

Hey, does anyone have any experience with what times are best for value betting?
On Friday and Saturday when I started I had a ton of bets ranging from 4-15% in value with match start no later than 24h but since Sunday I get maybe 4 or 5 value bets over 4% value per hour.

I live in Europe so the time I usually value bet is between 13.00-22:00 CET. I check multiple times an hour for new value bets over 4%

It all depends on what bookies you have selected. Some bookies have alot less Value bets in a day than another.

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Beginning of the week are usually the lest amount of VBs available. Weekends have the most.
For the specific timing it depends on what sports you have enabled (and of course what bookies you use). For example; when it is daytime in North America you get a ton of VBs on basket ball.

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