What to do as a newbie?

I’ve tried matched betting, only thing is that I was only able to make a tiny profit due to not having enough capital to try many offers at once. I now have about £300 to stake, and am getting paid in a week. I will therefore have £500 to stake. What should I do as a newbie given that I’ve frozen my subscription for two months last month, meaning that I will have to start my subscription in a month’s time? Should I activate it on payday and start value betting, or wait another month and start sure betting? Thanks.

Start when you feel comfortable to start. Keep your sizing small until you have figured out what you are doing. Especially on Sure Bets. Too many people start out firing big and get limited quickly. Build up your bet size.

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I suggest starting value betting with a defensive kelly criterion of 20%. This will lower the risk of downswings significantly in the beginning. After you have tripled your bankroll, you can go up to the default 30%.

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IMHO your suggestion is superior to 30%K with 1%Max.