What to do when you get gubbed

I’ve been gubbed by bet365, since it’s where I place 90% of my bets it’s makes a huge difference. I’m trying to use other bookmakers but I’m getting gubbed there super fast aswell. I’m trying to lose som money now at normal games first before using it for value bets.

How do you guys do when you get gubbed? Are you buying other people’s account for example?

Appreciate any tips I can get since it would be really boring to just stop using rebelbetting now.

Other peoples accounts!

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And when you find a new account, how does it work? Can I use my normal card to deposit money or do I need to pay the owner of the account to depoisit the money? I guess it will be the same thing with withdraws?

Do you normally change password or how does that work?

bro make a account of all your family members, explain, connect there phone/bank and transfer money to them, i only have 4 bookies available here but i have 20 accounts ready :wink:

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Yupp, that’s the way to go.

Alright since none in my family have a betting account I thought they would be limited super fast if I start with value betting straight away. Have anyone got their money froze? Read somewhere that could happend if they would find out I gamble in another persons name

Dont use same wifi to log in to others accounts. You might be better off using completely different device but I am not sure to which level they have access to your device information. Safest to use phone and different browsers and clear cookies.

Using Neteller/skrill for moving money is most convenient in terms of banks getting worried of you transactions. That said, Neteller deposits might be a flag for a sharp account for some bookmakers? Also Neteller /Skirll has some annoying transaction fees which makes it less tempting.

Never had any issue with withdrawing money from B365.