What triggers Bet365?

I’ve put in over 10.000 bets, got limited a bunch of places - but had a good run with Bet365, getting me around 7000 Euros in proft - didn’t get close to 1000 at other bookies.

But now I got limited there as well. For now I have a fix - created an account in my wifes name, back to business. But - do anyone know what might have “put them on to me”? Is it the amount of bets pr. day, the profit it self? Would it make sense to have fewer bets, but with higher amounts? What do you guys experience with Bet365?

you will soon or later get limited no matter how much you bet or win,
they see that you betting only on value odds high one

so they see that you arbing

I’ve noticed that you have a better chance to make money even if you stay just with bet365 and you never use other bookmaker. Other bookmakers will limit you very fast even if you are on plus
or minus with them, but if you pay attention to ALL of our results, from ALL members, you will notice that most of their profits come from bet365 on football …so I think this Rebelbetting has a better precision on bet365. With other bookmakers you get limited very fast but the results from other bookmakers are VERY different for each of us…only with bet365 the result are similar for all of us. I don’t know what triggers but if you just find a way to get 10accounts (from friends and fam) with bet365 you don’t need to look for any other bookmaker. And for everybody, most of their profits come from football. I think is better to stay with one sport that makes you the most of your money, do more of what really works and less of what is not working. This is what i try to do now.