What triggers Bet365?

I’ve put in over 10.000 bets, got limited a bunch of places - but had a good run with Bet365, getting me around 7000 Euros in proft - didn’t get close to 1000 at other bookies.

But now I got limited there as well. For now I have a fix - created an account in my wifes name, back to business. But - do anyone know what might have “put them on to me”? Is it the amount of bets pr. day, the profit it self? Would it make sense to have fewer bets, but with higher amounts? What do you guys experience with Bet365?

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you will soon or later get limited no matter how much you bet or win,
they see that you betting only on value odds high one

so they see that you arbing

I’ve noticed that you have a better chance to make money even if you stay just with bet365 and you never use other bookmaker. Other bookmakers will limit you very fast even if you are on plus
or minus with them, but if you pay attention to ALL of our results, from ALL members, you will notice that most of their profits come from bet365 on football …so I think this Rebelbetting has a better precision on bet365. With other bookmakers you get limited very fast but the results from other bookmakers are VERY different for each of us…only with bet365 the result are similar for all of us. I don’t know what triggers but if you just find a way to get 10accounts (from friends and fam) with bet365 you don’t need to look for any other bookmaker. And for everybody, most of their profits come from football. I think is better to stay with one sport that makes you the most of your money, do more of what really works and less of what is not working. This is what i try to do now.

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I just got limited at 365… after whopping profit of 12€s with 215 bets… (ave bet about 10€s) Are they getting after Rebelbetting patterns etc.? If this is the case looks like the value of valuebetting just went waaaay down :frowning:

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Not the case with me, i am on my third account and have only been restricted prior to winnings of 10.000 euros on the first one.

I’m guessing one needs to use VPN in order to have acco in someone else’s name?

Nope. And Bet365 won’t allow VPN.

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I know a bunch using this with bet365 without issues. But with other bookies we get cancelled real quick. So I don’t think it’s general, but something special you’re experiencing.

1+1 is usually pretty close to 2 so I think that this most propably is not just me… Could be but I don’t believe in coinsidents…

Plus what would you do if you would run bet365?

How many members here? Without better knowledge let’s say one wins 1000€s / month… so 100 Rebelbettors = 100 000€s / month, 1,2M / year- 1000 = 1M / month etc. Even if it would be 10 that’s 10 000€s / month- wouldn’t you do something about it? I sure as hell would. Even I can think of ways to spot valuebettors very easily and I’m close to 50 and I truly suck with technology…

I don’t get your point. Of course they’re trying, but I’m on my third account succeeding. I have 3 friends doing it as well. So the fact is, that we don’t have the same problem as you. Why? I don’t know, but it looks like we can make around 10.000 euros before we get kicked out (limited).

My point is: I strongly believe that bet365 has started taking actions on limiting Valuebettors. If something is not done this fun will end soon.

Why limit? Because they are prolly loosing at least Million / year- would you not do something if that would be the case with your business?

I belive in the past that (valuebetting) has worked but they have come to their senses?

“ofcourse they are trying” -please!
I could spot 9x% of valuebettors within days if I would get into their system- basically with no it experiense.

Just check everyone that has bet in "AH +1,5 x vs y in some smaller league- then check their other bets and see if they match with bets from rebelbet. If they do- limit. repeat x times -as an example.

But fact is, they’re still slow at limiting most users. Do you see a forum full of angry users here on rebelbetting getting limited as fast as you? Nope? Just you?

So thats a lot of “i think”, and very little reality.

And yeah, i could spot the users very fast as well, just look at the volume. But for some reason they don’t, and I’m going to take as much as their money as I possibly can. But… Perhaps it’s not as simple as we think, I work in tech, and it’s rarely simple.

So you - ONE person, has an experience, and therefore it translates to the rest of us? Nah, that’s messed up. There a thousand of factors you don’t know here.

As long as me and everyone else hasn’t been limited like you, you can keep your “told ya”. Started my latest account around 1½ month ago, and have profits on 6.000 euros since then. The account before that was started in february, and died with a 10.000 euro profit just before the new one.

I’m sorry you have issues, but it doesn’t translate to everyone else automaticly.

Man the guy try to find a way to not get limit fast and ask for tips. And u just brag that you are better than him and get more profit than him ,that is not helping him at all.!!

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If u think bet365 losing only money from rebellbetting people u miss lot of stuff.T here are people running accounts with 10-20 bots all over the worls .Accounts with 5-10k starting bank. Rebellbetting is like a really small precent from the big pie. About the second account u say u make for your wife.If you have same address and same ip ofc the account will be close fast. They track everything. U need to play in incognito mod always and reset your router ever 2-3 days. And clear cookies ofc.

He’s really not asking for help, he’s just here to tell us that we will all crash and burn. I used my wifes account, same adress as my first - no problems. I deleted cookies from account 1 until 2 - but not 2 ultil 3.

I don’t reset my router, ever. I don’t use incognito. I don’t use the betting feature within rebelbetting, I bet on my phone - not via app, but using the browser.

I think his issue is perhaps the region he’s from, or perhaps a lack of authentication to the account, perhaps he missed doing something he should have? Perhaps he’s on a network where someones using bots? Perhaps that’s not even a problem related to him, but to the region he lives in? There can be thousand of reasons.

Perhaps he could show us the message he get’s when he’s limited?

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Well think is not all people know this things .But i go back to read the hole chat and i see that u open the post in the first place but i see u know lots of stuff to protect so im confused :stuck_out_tongue: now i see you re right and give this asnwers to ville.

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and before noone has to mention- yes- I posted earlier that they banned my IP but that was just because I had VPN on my computer- thats why I deleted that post. (Yes i suck with computers etc. )

vpn at 365 just make things worse. Just get a clean browser only for 365 and use incognito mode always.