What's the best distribution of capital across bookies

Hello guys, I am planning to start using the trial version of rebelBetting and I have 200$ to dedicate to this “test” and the bookies I want to use are the following :

William Hill

my question is how much percentage of the 200$ I should put in each bookie? the best way I believe is to make the % of capital in each bookie the exact % of the number of value bets provided for each bookie, in other words :

If bet365 provides 50% of value bets then I should put 50% of 200$ in bet365
if 20% of value bets shows up on William Hill then I need to put 20% of 200$ in this bookie

BUT THE PROBLEM IS : I don’t know what the % of value bets I will get in each bookie so can someone please guys tell me approximately how many bets per bookie I will probably get ?

Stick to two, or three, bookies. I would select those who offer the biggest bonus initially.
B365 is the most important one.
Once an account is gubbed open on another bookie.



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Thank you guys, amazing community

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You do know you dont need to actually bet to do a test. you could just log the bets and pretend you betted on them :wink:

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you are completly right that’s what I did, I logged all the bets for the past 3 days and the result is the following :


I don’t need to test the idea of value betting, I know it’s working because I scrapped 14000 match outcomes from oddsportal and did some simulation and the results were promising, I believe in the idea and tbh this post I created is dump because we can transfer money from one bookie to another free of charge so this post makes no sense I wish if I can delete it

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